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f o u r → video forward dated to the morning of the 20th

[ A bright red light blinds the view of his camera for a moment. Aang pulls his phone back and smiles to the residents of the city he is speaking to. ]

I guess I'm not the only one that woke up with this shiny new nose. [ He pokes it a little before coughing harshly into his hands.

Embarrassing. ]
Sorry, folks. I've been kind of sick for few days, but I hope that's the last of the coughing. [ Really. Aang thought he could be cough free for a little bit. ]

So what do you guys think these are for? They definitely make things a lot harder--meditating for one. [ Breathing through your nose is very important. ] But they are kind of fun. But maybe we're supposed to do something with them.

[ He shrugs before smiling brightly. ]

Check this out! [ Aang makes a face like he is blowing through his nose and causes the bulb to become impossibly bright. His ears also pop. The man with the nose actually has to close his eyes for a moment. But the next moment he is tightening his face trying to inhale through his bulb nose. This causes the light to dim a bit, but not significantly.

The nose remains on the brighter side when he's breathing normally from his mouth. ]
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t h r e e → video backdated to the afternoon

I haven't felt like this in a while. [ He sounds cheerful enough, though. ] You never know what this City is going to throw as us next and every day we're left wondering if the next day is going to be worse. [ His voice is clear and strong. ]

I've only been here for a month, and honestly? I wonder how so many people can still be so strong after being here for a long time. My friend Toph has been here for over a year, and she's just like I remember back home. [ It makes him sick to think he'd be stuck here that long, but he can't deny the very strong possibility that this will be the case. ]

Don't you guys want to go back home? [ Big eyes. ] If you knew you could leave this city tomorrow, and never come back, wouldn't you make sure you did? [ Aang might want to start a rebellion, but that will take months of planning. He's just trying to gauge the feelings of the people here right now. ]

I'm grateful for the friends I have made here, but that doesn't change the fact that we don't belong here. We belong in our own homes, on our own planets. [ Saying it doesn't make it easier to grasp, but he's getting there. ]
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t w o → video

I keep hearing a lot of people talk about Thanksgiving, but I'm sure I'm missing some of the important details still. [ He gets the THANKS and GIVING parts, but the holiday itself is confusing. ] I don't even know where America is, or what the people are like-- [ Or what an American is for that matter. ] It's gotta be like one of the four nations, right? It must be as big, or even bigger than the Earth Kingdom, at least that's how it sounds. [ He's unsure though. ]

I guess what I wanna know is where Thanksgiving came from. [ Which gets him to thinking. ] And why is there a holiday just for giving thanks? It's not a bad thing, but aren't we giving thanks everyday anyway? It's not like we forget what we're thankful for. [ He could see something like a 'Thanksgiving' in his world, but even then it would be more of a day to remember when the war ended. ]

I don't know. Maybe I'm looking at it this the wrong way. It kinda looks like Thanksgiving is all about food. Are we showing our thanks for the food we have to eat by overeating and stuffing ourselves? Or is it more about hunting and eating the turkey? [ He makes an "EUGH" face at the mention of turkey. ] I hope it's not all about turkey. I can't eat that. [ Nor does he want to. All the turkeys killed for this holiday? It's enough to make him sick. ]
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o n e → accidental video

[ A small animal hand covers a portion of the shot while a young bald monk and the fluffy white fur he is laying on take up the rest. The device is tilted and in constant motion while Aang's pet flying lemur, Momo examines it thoroughly. The familiar sound of the lemur speaking in his own language is what stirs Aang from his peaceful slumber. Yawning loudly, he stretches out his arms and legs before rubbing his eyes and opening them slowly. ]

Good morning, Momo. [ Yawning again with a smile he blinks and finally widens his eyes at the device in Momo's hand. ] What do you have there? [ Aang asks slowly, sitting up to take the device out of Momo's hands. He raises an eyebrow at the screen. ] Some kind of mirror? [ Now he's making an ugly scrunched face at the screen, and that's only before he tries out a deeper voice. ] Hi.. I'm Aang. [ He can't help but laugh at the cheesiness. He only does it to double check his mirror theory] Hmm... I've never seen anything like it before. It's so... small and light. I don't think it's a mirror though. When I wave at it, my reflection is slower. There's no such thing as a mirror that does that.

[ When Aang turns the device over he shouts, so startled that he falls off of Appa and into the fountain they were currently next to. ] Uh... guys? Where are we? [ He looks from side to side nervously, completely unaware that the device is recording, let alone that the angle is a good one. ] Just when I thought things were going to be quiet for a while... [ Aang hops out of the fountain quickly and presses his fist against his palm creating a great gust of air powerful enough to dry his clothes completely. ]

How did we even get here!? [ When he gets over the initial shock, the young Avatar realizes just how uncomfortable he really feels. ] Momo, you're going to think I'm crazy, but this isn't our home. I think we're in a different world altogether. [ Momo makes a sound of surprise. ] Is something like that even possible? It's strange, but I don't feel the same connection to this place.

[ Aang stares into the 'mirror' device curiously as he moves to the front of his bison intent on waking him up. He pets him on top of the head, smiling brightly when Appa makes a loud noise in response to their new surroundings. Momo lands on Aang's shoulders when the young monk lifts the device to star at himself some more. ] Can you guys feel it? It's almost like we don't belong here. [ Right now it seems like Appa and Momo are all he has from home, but he's an optimist. ]

If we're here maybe the others are too. If we can't find someone to help us, we can try to fly out of here. But I don't want to get more lost than we already are.

HELLO! IS ANYONE HERE? KATARA!!!! SOKKA!!!! TOPH!!!! ZUKO??!! [ It's okay to shout, no one will know he's the Avatar in this strange land. ]